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At the end of 2015, seven flautists from varying backgrounds came together at the initiative of Pascale Simon and decided to combine their musical experiences. The challenge: how to take a group which at first glance seems very diverse, and achieve a result whose musical completeness and success is brought about by every member of the group in every stylistic universe?

Their concerts are the proof of this fascinating journey, on which each musician’s skillset works to the benefit of the group; from the subtle articulations of ancient music to the asymmetric rhythms of eastern European traditional music, by way of the abrupt ruptures of contemporary music. The fluid choreography of bodies and flutes is confirmation of the success of the project.

Strange Meeting, their first album, was released on the Homerecords label in April 2019. It presented a rich and varied musical journey that combined existing works and newly created music compositions  with personalised arrangements of several baroque masterpieces, and also with a new vision of jazz and folk music.


Their second album, released on the Et'cetera label in September 2022, is devoted to the complete Fantasias by Georg Philipp Telemann and focuses on a single stylistic universe. Whilst this repertoire is well known to all flautists, it is also one of the most delicate in several ways. The eloquence and elegance and the complexity of the baroque musical syntax, the challenge of performing these pieces on modern instruments, the subtlety of Eric Leleux’s reworking and the considerable dedicated work of the ensemble that his work required, all posed the Vibrations ensemble a fine set of challenges - and gave rise to an extraordinary collective journey.

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